Robert John MacArthur

Revolutionizing Wrist Fracture Treatment: My Patented Advancement in Distal Radius Plates

Wrist Fracture

As a physician deeply invested in improving orthopedic care, I have always been driven by the desire to enhance the treatment modalities available for common yet complex injuries. One such injury is the distal radius fracture, commonly seen in emergency rooms and orthopedic clinics worldwide. These fractures can severely impact a patient’s life, necessitating innovations […]

The Critical Role of Diet and Exercise in Orthopedic Health

As an orthopedic surgeon, I often discuss with my patients how diet and exercise play a pivotal role not just in recovery post-surgery, but also in maintaining overall orthopedic health. Here in my blog today, I’d like to explore how these elements are foundational to both preventative care and rehabilitation in orthopedics. Understanding the Impact […]